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The Digital Competence Framework: progress so far

Digital competence skills play a powerful role in the lives of children and young people. Confident and creative application of these skills is essential to life, learning and work.

Digital competence will become a cross-curricular responsibility in the new Curriculum for Wales, alongside literacy and numeracy. The DCF will outline the skills and knowledge learners are expected to develop. It will help inform the Areas of Learning and Experience, which will be developed by practitioners from Curriculum Pioneer Schools as part of the new curriculum.  As the detail of curriculum design moves forward digital Pioneers will contribute to this development.

The framework is being developed by Pioneer Schools and practitioners, supported by Welsh Government, regional consortia, Estyn and external experts.

Progress so far

Good progress has been made.  A very early draft has already been shared with some cluster schools and an external Quality Assurance Group, chaired by Professor Tom Crick, is reviewing the framework as it progresses, providing feedback which has informed the development.  

When will schools be able to comment on the draft framework?

The draft framework will be made available in the Spring to settings, schools and other stakeholders for comment. It will also be available for discussion at events such as the National Digital Learning Event on 15 June.

There will be ongoing discussion with practitioners about the framework, including developing and identifying example materials which will provide ideas for the kind of activities that learners could undertake to address the skills development expectations set out in the framework.  

From when will the DCF be used?

The DCF will be made available in September. Schools will have time to familiarise themselves with the framework, begin to develop their practice and consider how they can embed the expectations into their planning for the new curriculum.  Estyn is considering how innovative practice in ICT, drawing on the Digital Competence Framework, can be captured as part of the inspection and reporting process.

The new curriculum as a whole, informed by the DCF, will be available from September 2018.

Training and support

Over the coming months, Pioneer Schools which are developing professional support for teachers through the New Deal, and Pioneer Schools developing the DCF, will be working together to consider the professional learning required to support the use of the framework.  An initial joint meeting of New Deal and Digital Pioneers is planned for later this month to start the process.

More information

You can get more information, and can download A curriculum for Wales: a curriculum for life (external link), from the Welsh Government website.

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