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Towards a digital future – Hwb has arrived!

Hwb launch unveils a pioneering new digital learning platform for all 3-19 education institutes in Wales

Are you inspired by the possibilities that digital technologies can offer learners? Do you help young people to play an active part in the fast-changing digital landscape?

A dynamic new digital learning platform has been launched, which will provide a space for teachers and educators to share and access a range of digital tools and resources which will support the learning of all 3-19 year olds in Wales.

Hwb, Wales' bilingual virtual learning environment, will also provide learners and teachers with the opportunity to create and share their own resources and work collaboratively.

As part of the learning platform, schools are able to transform the way they communicate with learners and their parents, through their own Hwb+ individual learning platforms.

By signing up to Hwb, schools will be able to access Microsoft's cloud service Office 365 for teachers and learners, and a range of tools and content which will be progressively added to Hwb over the lifetime of the service.  

Office 365 also provides an online version of Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Lync ensuring that all staff and pupils have access to the Microsoft Office suite regardless of whether they have it installed on their computer or not.

This is the first major step as part of a wider digital learning strategy, which also attempts to boost the IT competency of teachers entering the profession and help promote a culture of digital citizenship for learners.

Access the Hwb digital learning platform or check our @DfESwales/@AdAScymru Twitter feeds for further updates.