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The latest available Welsh and bilingual learning resources

Take a look at the latest Welsh and bilingual resources commissioned by the Welsh Government to support teaching and learning.  

These quality-assured resources are produced by professional publishers and suppliers in conjunction with teachers and educational experts.

GCSE Level

Food and Nutrition (Welsh-language edition)

For the new GCSE: to be taught from September 2016

A textbook to develop students' knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition, improve practical food preparation and cooking skills. A useful resource for preparing students for assessment.

A resource to support teachers and learners preparing for the synoptic questions in Unit 4 and 6 Welsh Second Language GCE.

A resource to support Welsh Second Language students studying the drama ‘Crash’ by Sera Moore Williams at AS/A Level.  The resource includes a study of the characters, themes and symbols and contains questions and tasks to practice the synoptic element and for expressing opinion.

A resource to support students at AS/A Level Welsh Second Language with Unit 4 (Living in Welsh) and Unit 5 (Welsh in the Community). It includes an overview of the main events for the Welsh language since the second half of the twentieth century in the form of a timeline and also gives a glimpse on the situation of at the Welsh language in Wales today. In addition it includes a lively debate section to stimulate discussion on every aspect of the Welsh language.

A full list of all the Welsh medium and bilingual resources commissioned is available within the Resource Library section of the Learning Wales website.

The Welsh in Education Resources Branch, within the Welsh Government’s Education and Public Services Group, is responsible for commissioning Welsh.

The role of teachers and practitioners in the process of creating new resources

Teachers and practitioners play a crucial part in the process of identifying the educational needs and monitoring the quality of the resources during their development.

For more information about the commissioning process, or if you have any suggestions about new resources that could be considered please contact welshresources@wales.gsi.gov.uk

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