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National Reading and Numeracy Tests

A collection of resources to help you to prepare for and administer the National Reading and Numeracy Tests.

National Reading and Numeracy Tests: dates 2019

Primary schools: Tuesday 7 May – Tuesday 14 May

Secondary schools: Monday 29 April – Tuesday 14 May

Transition to online assessment for reading and numeracy

As of the next academic year (2018/19) online assessments will be phased in over a three-year period, starting with procedural numeracy in 2018/19. Over time the online assessments will replace the current paper-based national tests.

The new personalised assessments will adjust the difficulty level of the questions in order to provide appropriate challenge for each learner.

Download Documents

Personalised assessments – IT guidance for schools (File size: 300KB)

Personalised assessments – frequently asked questions (FAQs) (File size: 200KB)

Personalised assessments – frequently asked questions (FAQs) for parents and carers (File size: 165KB)



Information for parents/carers


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