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The main aim of this resource is to support practitioners in leading on change at every level. In order to ensure the practitioner develops skills at a number of different levels, the resource is organised into four areas of learning each of which contain a varying number of topics.

It is possible to work through each topic in a linear way or consider individual topics which are most pertinent to personal practice.

The resource is supported by interactive activities which support reflective practice in relation to literacy provision. These include film and audio clips which were recorded in schools in Wales.

Each area of learning is supported by the following associated topics.

Areas of Learning
Area of learning Topics
1. Developing literacy; communication matters 1. Literacy in Wales
2. Literacy in a digital age
2. Learning and teaching: creating literate learning environments 3. Creating best practice
4. Literacy and learning spaces
3. Every teacher a teacher of literacy: developing a literate pedagogy 5. Professional responsibility to literacy
6. Reading early: teaching systematic synthetic phonics
4. Prevention and intervention: screening and literacy acquisition 8. Barriers to literacy: poverty and social factors
9. Literacy intervention
10. Literacy failure


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