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Masters in Educational Practice: Literacy


Creating best practice

In this topic you will develop an understanding of some of the key aspects and elements of good literacy practice in your educational setting. This topic focuses on making links between theory, research and recommendations and the classroom. It will also include high-quality digital resources which will engage the learner in actively creating examples of best practice. These resources will also facilitate critical thinking through offering defined points of reflection.

The topic will also examine the principles of effective pedagogy and reflect on these as transferable skills across the sector. A key component will be to challenge thinking by providing an opportunity to engage with teaching outside of current personal practice.

The main features of this topic will be:

  • identifying and reflecting upon the principles of best practice
  • engaging with key ideas regarding literacy practices across and within subjects
  • considering how they best fit with your current practice
  • reviewing the language demands of your subject with a view to engaging with literacy within it
  • reviewing personal/whole-school policy and practice.


  • to examine the transferrable skills of effective pedagogy
  • to challenge thinking by engaging with teaching outside of current personal practice.
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