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Planning for literacy

Having considered the sorts of literacy skills learners can be expected to use and to develop in your subject, planning for literacy – making literacy 'visible' in your lesson – is the next focus. Planning is an important part of this move from the page to the classroom.

Activity 3.5

Watch the following film clip.

Unable to play video as javascript is disabled on this browser. Please enable javascript to play video.

Whilst watching, consider the following:

This clip focuses on the sorts of decisions about literacy that are made before teaching a lesson. Understanding which literacy skills will be used during the lesson and how to develop these so as to afford pupils better access to a subject are key to planning. You need not agree with all of the literacy decisions made by the teacher in this video. You may also think that some opportunities are left out. There are opportunities within the clip to pause and reflect upon the planning process.

The National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) is a tool for planning across the curriculum. Return to the R2 form you completed earlier and identify places where aspects of the literacy component of the LNF were, or could be, incorporated. Identification of where literacy skills are used is a key stage in developing a more explicit literacy focus across the curriculum. Developing those skills within lessons is the next stage.

The next subtopic focuses further on how to support the development of literacy skills within your subject area.

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