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Subjects as language users and producers

It is recognised that:

. . . all teachers need to be teachers of literacy skills. Learners' achievement and enjoyment of all subjects are likely to be enhanced if they are confident and competent in their literacy skills.

Welsh Government (2010, p.3)

To this end, it is important to consider which types of oracy, reading and writing  feature most regularly in your subject area and to consider not only how often learners use  particular literacy skills in your lessons but how those skills are developed within your subject.

This 'timetable' shows you not only how many opportunities there are for developing learners’ literacy skills in a typical timetable, it also provides you with some starting points for consideration within your own subject area. While not exhaustive, these documents provide a good starting point. Click on your subject to display a selection of resources.

The readings in the timetable linked to above are by no means comprehensive. There are many resources available, both generic and subject specific, that can help sharpen a focus on literacy in the classroom. These readings are a starting point, which, coupled with your understanding of some of the general principles of literacy across the curriculum, will help you complete the following audit.

Activity 3.4

Complete the following exercise re: literacy within your subject area (external link).

Consider the literacy and language demands of your subjects at word, sentence and text level, as well as in oracy, reading and writing. The readings found in the 'timetable' should help you with this. Consider not only the uses to which language is put, but what it means to 'write like a scientist', 'speak like a geographer' and so on. What language skills should learners develop, as well as use, within and through subjects? The questions in each section should only act as prompts.

Feel free to add any other details about your subject as a language user and producer.

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