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Masters in Educational Practice: Literacy


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During this topic, you have considered literacy across the curriculum in policy, planning and in the classroom. Importantly, there have been opportunities to consider the sorts of language and literacy skills that can be developed within the contextual setting of a subject.

It may be useful to return to the Estyn R2 form (external link) completed at the start of this topic and revisit and reflect upon some of the ways in which literacy was addressed. It would be a useful idea to return again to the Estyn R2 form and complete another (self or peer) observation, taking into account active planning for literacy and a recognition of the opportunities to develop subject-specific (as well as generic) literacy skills situated within your subject area. Language skills seem to be developed most effectively in a meaningful context.

Focusing in on and exposing the language needs and demands of your subject is a great opportunity to impact upon learners’ literacy development in a contextualised, purposeful way.

Activity 3.12

Watch the following film clip. This scripted lesson provides some opportunities to consider the ways in which learners’ literacy has been taken in to account. It also provides the chance to consider any literacy opportunities that may not have been exploited. Key prompts in the film will help guide your focus and responses.

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