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Masters in Educational Practice: Literacy


Literacy and learning spaces



Activity 4.1

Learning spaces

As a way of personalising this topic and making it as relevant as possible, you may like to begin by taking a few photographs of your learning and teaching environment.

Try taking photographs from a variety of viewpoints. For example:

  • learner – try sitting in a few different places
  • visitor – try a view from the door
  • teacher – what and who can you engage with from the front of the class or from your desk
  • displays
  • storage
  • seating and grouping
  • outdoor areas
  • small group areas (corridor or break-out spaces)
  • book corner.

Keep these photographs to hand when working through this topic.

As a general introduction to learning spaces, you might also like to view this slideshow on learning spaces (external link). Although some of the ideas may be aspirational, it does outline some key principles for consideration.

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