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Masters in Educational Practice: Literacy


Professional responsibility to literacy


Professional responsibility to literacy - introduction

In this sub-topic you will consider the professional responsibility every teacher has to be a teacher of literacy. In particular, you will examine your personal philosophy towards teaching literacy and consider the teaching of literacy skills across the curriculum. This is viewed in relation to the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF).

The sub-topic also considers how to build communities of readers and how this is underpinned by teachers remaining current in relation to subject and pedagogical knowledge.

Finally, you will also consider ways in which school communities can become involved in different projects which encourage a sense of wider participation.

Activity 5.1

There are many projects, including the National Teaching Awards, which include thanking a teacher. You may like to view some of the clips on YouTube.

Before you begin this sub-topic, gather a few colleagues together and discuss your own experiences of learning how to read and write. Who would you like to thank and why was he/she so memorable?

Are you that kind of teacher?

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