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MEP learning pack

Masters in Educational Practice: Child and adolescent development 0-19


Cognitive development


Case study

Joe is 11 years old and is moving from his local primary school to secondary school. His new school is five miles away from home and he will need to catch the bus from the bottom of his road each morning. He is going to school with three friends. Joe has some difficulties with his writing and also is disorganised – he often loses his possessions. In primary school his teachers know that he needs to be reminded about homework and when to bring it in and also to speak with his Mum to let her know as well. He is slow to get started when writing stories and assignments and sometimes becomes frustrated as he can tell the story well but finds it hard to get things down on paper.


  • Think about what you can do to prepare Joe for secondary school – where may the difficulties lie for him?
  • Go to the Move627.org website and find some activities/games and handouts that you could use with someone like Joe.

Learning pack contents

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