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Masters in Educational Practice: Child and adolescent development 0-19


Cognitive development


What is cognition?

Components of cognition

The key components of cognition are:

  • attention
  • memory
  • language
  • problem-solving
  • reasoning
  • decision-making.  

In the past Piaget and Vygotsky theorised about child development by observing the actions of children – referred to as observational techniques (Harris and Butterworth, 2010).  


Watch the following YouTube clip. It depicts Piaget’s versus Vygotsky’s differing views of cognitive development.

Unable to play video as javascript is disabled on this browser. Please enable javascript to play video.

In this clip Vygotsky talks about ‘scaffolding’ – what is this and how do you think this may be useful for teaching?

Do you agree with Piaget or Vygotsky?

Learning pack contents

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