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Masters in Educational Practice: Child and adolescent development 0-19


Literacy and numeracy development



The earliest examples of pictorial written communication date back to 3500 BC (Piechota). In addition, the first books to be written are known to have originated in Rome, toward the end of the Roman Republic, approximately 23 BC. Paper books were also developed in the Middle East and in several Asian nations.

Literacy is considered to be the ability to read and write, and it is underpinned by speaking and listening. As such, there are four strands of literacy:

  • speaking
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing.

Thus, in primary schools the aim is that learners become independent readers and writers, confident speakers and active listeners. Literacy plays an important role in our daily lives, our literacy skills affect our confidence, career prospects and social skills.


Make a list of at least 20 examples of when we use literacy skills in our everyday lives.

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