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What is the learning pack about?

This learning pack is designed to support you in gaining knowledge and understanding of numeracy acquisition and to develop your expertise in the teaching of numeracy within the educational setting in which you work.  Therefore, where appropriate, the activities are differentiated by age phase.

This learning pack will build upon learning pack 1 (Introduction to teachers’ professional enquiry), learning pack 2 (Child and adolescent development 0–-19), learning pack 3 (Behaviour management) and learning pack 4 (Literacy).  Activities which support participants’ reflective practice and enquiry, both within their own school contexts and that of the broader context of Wales, will focus on the latest research in numeracy, and effective learning and teaching strategies.

Learning outcomes

  • to critically examine definitions of numeracy and explore the myths related to effective numeracy acquisition
  • to show a critical understanding of current educational approaches to supporting numeracy acquisition, including the Welsh Government’s National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) and research evidence relating to effective numeracy pedagogy and intervention
  • to demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge and understanding of the practitioner’s role in developing learners’ numeracy skills across subjects and contexts (from early years to 19) through use of appropriate teaching methods
  • to demonstrate a critical understanding of the impact of social attitudes to numeracy on learners, teachers and parents/carers; and the consequences of failing to gain numeracy skills in the short- and longer-term
  • to make links between theory, research evidence and own practice, applying principles of effective numeracy teaching to the design of learning activities and interactions in their own school contexts
  • to evaluate current approaches to monitoring, tracking and supporting numeracy acquisition across subjects and other learning contexts.

Reflections on learning

Whilest working through the topics for this learning pack, it is important to record your personal reflections on your own classroom practice.  You will be asked to consider these in the light of outcomes for learners.  You will also be asked to reflect upon your own beliefs and attitudes to numeracy within the context of your educational experiences of numeracy learning and teaching.  Reviewing your own numeracy skills will be an important part of this learning pack’s learning process.


Each topic will include the following resource elements:

  • conceptual introductions with core and further readings and references
  • practical tools (e.g. classroom strategies and activities)
  • invitations to reflect on your classroom practice and experiences in relation to the aims of the topic
  • further resources, including links to websites and information packs developed by a range of associations and professional bodies with expertise in supporting teachers.


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