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Professional learning


What is this learning pack about?

This learning pack will explain the new professional learning model (PLM), and the Welsh Government’s commitment to career-long professional learning for educational professionals in Wales. It highlights the importance of professional learning to enrich, develop and enhance professional practice, and makes use of best practice exemplar material to strengthen pedagogical approaches, and includes images and other media, and many interactive activities.

The learning pack also covers the roles of teachers as researchers and how research outputs can be used to enhance learning and teaching. It additionally explains why collaborative approaches can benefit practitioners, and outlines some key points on coaching and mentoring.

The learning pack has been designed for a wide audience, and should be relevant to all educational practitioners, whatever their experience and phase. It also contains resources and links to extend knowledge and support Masters-level study. Hopefully, you will find that this learning pack will be an invaluable support as you proceed along your professional learning journey.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand the Welsh Government’s professional learning model and evaluate individual development needs.
  • To be able to reflect on practice in an effective way, and adopt an enquiry-based approach to learning more about research evidence and classroom activity.
  • To understand how research can inform practice, particularly in the context of key areas such as differentiation and personalisation.
  • To identify ways of collaborative working, including coaching and mentoring.
  • To be able to outline specific professional learning journeys and career paths, taking into account leadership options and the many resources available to help sustain professional learning.


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