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Statutory and regulatory frameworks


Historical overview of statutory and regulatory frameworks

With regard to an historical overview of statutory and regulatory frameworks, it is important to note that policy always guides practice, whether it be policy from central government, local government or school.

In the context of special educational needs, there are a range of historical developments which have had an impact on current policy, and this topic will enable students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the background to current policy. 

Activity 3.1.1

This activity is an interactive historical timeline from 1870 to 2010.


Activity 3.1.2

This activity seeks to encourage a critical consideration of the historical timeline. How has policy impacted on classroom practice?

Current drivers for change

In 2007, the Welsh Assembly Government began to develop legislation in the area of Special Educational Needs (SEN) following recommendations from the Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills committee. There was a consensus that the existing system (under the terms of the 1996 Education Act) was too bureaucratic and not sufficiently child-centred or user-friendly. This consensus also drew on the Audit Commission Report (2002) ('Special educational needs: A mainstream issue') and the Estyn Report (2003) (Support for Children with Special Educational Needs: An Estyn Overview).

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