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The latest available Welsh and bilingual learning resources

Take a look at the latest Welsh and bilingual resources commissioned by the Welsh Government to support teaching and learning.

These quality-assured resources are produced by professional publishers and suppliers in conjunction with teachers and educational experts.

Foundation Phase

Datrys Problemau – dechrau da! Pack 1 and Pack 2

The aim of this resource is to support Foundation Stage pupils to develop their mathematical skills. Here are packs 1 and 2 that place the child at the centre of the learning and emphasises the importance of presenting purposeful frameworks to the teaching and learning.

Cymeriadau Difyr

A set of 21 story books for children between 3-5 years old. Each book introduces a new number as a character, and focuses on helping children to recognise numerals by using fun and exciting methods. This resource is available as a pack or as individual books.

Dawns a Chreu

A resource offering children 3-7 years old opportunities to respond physically to a range of stimuli through music, stories or poetry, in order to foster and develop their physical skills, literacy, promote their creativity and enhance their self-confidence. This resource is also available on Hwb.

Caneuon Cŵl 1 and Caneuon Cŵl 2

A music book containing 30 original songs in different styles for 3 to 5 year olds. The songs have been specifically composed so that they can be used in various areas (both indoors and outdoors) of the Foundation Phase classrooms. There are two books available on gwales.

Key Stage 2

Y Cliciadur

An exciting new on-line newspaper for KS2 pupils, containing a number of different articles. A new issue will be published every half term. This resource is only available in Welsh and can be accessed through the Hwb website:

Key Stage 3

Taclo’r Tasgau

A series of two Welsh medium comprehension books and online activities for Key Stage 3 learners, to familiarise and help learners and teachers with the content of the National Reading Tests, as well as support the linguistic requirements of the revised National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNR) and the Welsh Curriculum (first language).

Books and online resources are available through the following links:

Taclo’r Tasgau 1

Taclo’r Tasgau 2

Taclo’r Tasgau 2 online

A full list of all the Welsh medium and bilingual resources commissioned is available within the Resource Library section of the Learning Wales website.

The Welsh in Education Resources Branch, within the Welsh Government’s Education and Public Services Group, is responsible for commissioning Welsh medium and bilingual materials to support teaching and learning from the Foundation Phase through to further education.  Resources are commissioned either in print or digital format.

The role of teachers and practitioners in the process of creating new resources

Teachers and practitioners play a crucial part in the process of identifying the educational needs and monitoring the quality of the resources during their development.

For more information about the commissioning process, or if you have any suggestions about new resources that could be considered please contact welshresources@gov.wales

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