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Development of personalised assessments for reading and numeracy

Many schools across Wales are currently taking part in trials to support the development of the online personalised assessments for procedural numeracy.

Procedural numeracy, the first of the new online assessments to be phased in over a three-year period, will go live in academic year 2018/19. These new assessments will be ‘adaptive’ – meaning that the difficulty of the questions will adjust according to a learner’s responses in order to provide an appropriate level of challenge. The initial trials are in ‘linear’ rather than ‘adaptive’ format in order to provide the test developers with the necessary feedback to construct the personalised assessments for the next stage of trialling.  

We would like to thank all of the schools involved in the first stage of trialling - it is an extremely important part of the process of test development, without which we would not be able to launch these exciting, innovative assessments. The next phase of trialling will take place in early 2018. If you would like your school to be involved in future trialling please contact trials@nationaltests.cymru

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