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Get ready for online personalised assessments

The online personalised assessments will be phased in from the first week of December 2018, and they will replace the paper-based National Reading and Numeracy Tests over a period of three years.

The purpose of the personalised assessments and the paper-based National Tests is formative – to provide insights into learners’ skills which teachers can use to plan next steps in teaching and learning.

The personalised assessments are ‘adaptive’, meaning that questions are selected based on a learner’s response to the previous question. All learners will get some questions right and some questions wrong, and this gathers information on what each learner can and cannot do. This information is then made available as individual feedback and group reports.

Further announcements will be made in the Dysg newsletter to advise schools when the assessment website is ready for use. In the meantime, you can prepare for the personalised assessments by ensuring that:

  1. your school’s Management Information System (MIS) is updated
  2. the new Hwb Provisioning Client is scheduled to run on a regular basis
  3. you familiarise yourself with the IT guidance for the personalised assessments.

For further information on online personalised assessments and National Tests please visit http://learning.gov.wales/personalisedassessments

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