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Launch of new creative learning zone on Hwb

On March 17, Welsh Government and Arts Council of Wales jointly launched the new Creative Learning Zone on Hwb. This was created to address recommendations put forward by Professor Dai Smith in his “Arts in Education” Review (2013).

The zone has a wide ranging functionality to support your school to enrich learning and teaching through adopting creative approaches, with dedicated areas that will enable you to access:

  • a showcase for best practice case studies involving the arts and the Creative Learning through the Arts action plan
  • an events calendar, updated by the new creative networks, working with their creative sector partners, showing regional activity for schools to engage with
  • a newsfeed from creative partners with CPD opportunities
  • Arts and creativity resources for teachers
  • a community area to assist collaboration and sharing, both between schools and with the arts sector.

The Minister welcomed the launch of the new zone, saying:

"Arts and creativity are potent tools to inspire and engage. Whether in a literacy, numeracy or  science lesson, they can unlock novel and exciting new ways of thinking and doing for young people.

"I believe that collaboration, between schools and the arts sector, is key to getting these new approaches into classrooms across Wales. The new creative learning zone on Hwb, which goes live today, is a collaborative venture between the Welsh Government and Arts Council of Wales which gives teachers and arts, culture and heritage professionals a central digital hub to forge stronger links and form partnerships."

The Creative Learning Zone (external link) can be found in the "Zones" menu on Hwb.

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