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Pupil Deprivation Grant proposals affecting looked after children

The grant distribution assigned to support looked after children will be administered by regional education consortia instead of schools from April 2015.

We will implement arrangements to deliver better outcomes and more effectively support looked after children through the Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG), and introduce flexibility to support previously looked after children who are adopted.

Why the change is necessary

Evidence provided by stakeholders suggests that the current arrangements result in resources being poorly targeted and do not deliver effective outcomes.  The new approach will enable regional consortia, working with schools and looked after children in education coordinators, to determine more strategic and effective ways in which the education of these children can be supported regardless of care or school placement changes.  It will also provide discretion on support that might be provided to adopted children who were previously looked after to reflect the similar challenges they face in education.

Next steps

We will work closely with key stakeholders to develop arrangements to ensure that looked after and previously looked after children who are adopted are more effectively supported in education and strategic approaches implemented based on the most effective practice.  

Should you wish to contact us with further questions please e-mail: DeprivationandEngagement@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK   

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