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Welsh Government commissions research into teacher recruitment and retention

Amid the ongoing reforms to the education system in Wales, it’s critical that teachers are retained and those who have the potential to be great teachers are encouraged into a teaching career.

As part of its work in this area, Welsh Government has commissioned independent companies Beaufort Research and the National Foundation for Educational Research to conduct research on the attractiveness of teaching and retention of teachers in Wales.

Over the coming months from now until end of May, Beaufort will be contacting a number of primary and secondary schools, ITE Centres, universities and stakeholders in Wales to ask for their input into the project. We really hope that if Beaufort contacts you about a visit, you’ll be able to take the opportunity to input into this important study.

In addition, on the 16th April 2018, Beaufort will be launching a short online survey for any teachers in Wales to complete . It will cover topics such as motivations to teach, aspects that currently strengthen commitment and what might cause teachers to consider giving up teaching.

The survey will also be open to individuals who have moved on from the teaching profession to help us better understand the reasons for leaving the profession. Please keep an eye out for the survey link which we will be promoting later this spring via a range of different channels.

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