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Career entry profile

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The Career entry profile (CEP) provides a summary of your initial teacher education and training (ITET).
Career entry profile

Trainee and newly qualified teachers (NQTs)

You will get help to:

  • focus your reflection on your preparation and development in the early stages of your teaching career
  • engage in collaborative discussion when planning how to meet your professional learning needs
  • create a link between your ITET and the school where you will serve your induction period.

ITET providers

You will get help to:

  • support Trainees in reflecting on their practice
  • and prepare them to play an active role in their induction period.

It will also help schools to:

  • understand the Trainee's/NQT's strengths and experiences
  • understand which areas they feel require further development and
  • support their professional learning during their ITET and induction period.
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