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Digital Competence Framework

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Citizenship strand

Through these elements learners will engage with what it means to be a conscientious digital citizen who contributes positively to the digital world around them and who critically evaluates their place within this digital world. They will be prepared for and ready to encounter the positive and negative aspects of being a digital citizen and will develop strategies and tools to aid them as they become independent consumers and producers.

Interacting and collaborating

Interacting and collaborating strand

Through these elements learners will look at methods of electronic communication and know which are the most effective. Learners will also store data and use collaboration techniques successfully.


Producing strand

These elements cover the cyclical process of planning (including searching for and sourcing information), creating, evaluating and refining digital content. Although this process may apply to other areas of the framework, it is of particular importance when creating and producing digital content. It is also essential to recognise however that producing digital content can be a very creative process and this creativity is not intended to be inhibited. Digital content includes the production of text, graphics, audio, video and any combination of these for a variety of purposes. As such, this will cover multiple activities across a range of different contexts.

Data and computational thinking

Data and computational thinking strand

Computational thinking is a combination of scientific enquiry, problem solving and thinking skills. Before learners can use computers to solve problems they must first understand the problem and the methods of solving them. Through these elements learners will understand the importance of data and information literacy; they will explore aspects of collection, representation and analysis. Learners will look at how data and information links into our digital world and will provide them with essential skills for the modern, dynamic workplace.

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