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The ICT Steering Group’s report to the Welsh Government

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The ICT Steering Group was established to explore and consider the future of computer science and ICT in schools in Wales.
The ICT Steering Group’s report to the Welsh Government
Response to the ICT Steering Group’s report to the Welsh Government

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As part of this work the group was tasked with delivering a report which set out their recommendations on a way forward and which considered, amongst others, the following themes:

  • ‘ICT’ in schools needs to be re-branded, re-engineered and made relevant to now and to the future.
  • Digital literacy is the start and not the end point – learners need to be taught to create as well as to consume.
  • Computer science should be introduced at primary school and developed over the course of the curriculum so that learners can progress into a career pathway in the sector.
  • Skills, such as creative problem-solving, should be reflected in the curriculum.
  • Revised qualifications need to be developed in partnership with schools, Higher Education and industry.

The group, established in January 2013 and chaired by Stuart Arthur, Box UK, Tom Crick, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Janet Hayward, Cadoxton Primary School, have published their recommendations in the attached report.

Ministers have considered these findings and an interim Welsh Government response has been published below.

This is an independent report being hosted on a Welsh Government website.

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