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Learning Pathways 14-19 Guidance

Learning Pathways has transformed curricula provision and support for 14-19 year old learners.
NAFWC 37/04 - Learning Pathways 14-19 Guidance
Learning Pathways 14-19: Guidance II
Learning and Skills (Wales) Measure 2009: Local curriculum for pupils in Key Stage 4 guidance
Learning and Skills (Wales) Measure 2009: Local Curriculum for Students aged 16 to 18 Guidance
14-19 Learning Pathways Policy - Impact assessment

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It aims to improve engagement, attainment and prepare learners for the world of work. Learners receive a wider choice of courses and access to learner support services, such as careers advice and guidance.

The Learning and Skills (Wales) 2009 Measure underpins Learning Pathways. The measure ensures that:

  • learners at key stage 4 are able to choose from at least 25 courses, of which 3 must be vocational
  • learners who are 16-18 are able to choose from 30 courses, of which 5 must be vocational.
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