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Literacy and numeracy – your questions answered

This information document is to support schools and settings by answering key questions on the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) and National Reading and Numeracy Tests (NRNT).
Literacy and numeracy: Your questions answered

As we move towards a new curriculum learners’ competence in literacy and numeracy will continue to be a priority, as a cross-curriculum responsibility for all teachers.

There will also be an emphasis on how assessment for learning in literacy and numeracy is central to supporting our learners to independently apply their reading and numeracy skills across a range of contexts.

Ensuring that all learners receive the specific support they need to develop excellent literacy and numeracy skills has been central to our approach and this document will be useful if you are a:

  • teacher or support teacher working with learners on a whole class, small group or individual basis
  • school leader, a member of a leadership team or a teacher with a curriculum or phase responsibility
  • governor.
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