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National Reading and Numeracy Tests – Test administration handbook

The handbook sets out the arrangements for the National Reading and Numeracy Tests and online personalised assessments to be taken by all learners in Years 2 to 9 in academic year 2018 to 2019. It provides guidance on administration of tests and personalised assessments, and access and disapplication arrangements.
National Reading and Numeracy Tests – Test administration handbook 2018 to 2019

Headteachers, test administrators and teachers should refer to this guidance for information on:

  • the paper-based test timetable
  • ordering test papers  
  • test duration
  • receipt, storage and disposal of tests
  • conditions for administering tests
  • personnel administering tests
  • marking tests
  • data input
  • timing of personalised assessments
  • access to personalised assessments
  • user management
  • scheduling personalised assessments
  • taking personalised assessments
  • personalised assessment feedback
  • access and disapplication.
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