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Specific Learning Difficulties: National Reading Test guidance

This guidance for teachers uses the National Reading Tests as a means of supporting learners with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).
Reading Test Question Analysis - Initial indicator for SpLD
Developing Supporting Strategies for SpLD

The Reading Test Question Analysis - Initial indicator for SpLD acknowledges that teachers are the best judges of learner progress and can pick up when a learner is struggling with a particular aspect of literacy development.  However, it explains that some of the issues experienced by learners who have SpLD will not directly relate to reading and comprehension per se, but instead, they will focus on additional issues which, if not recognised, might impede the learner’s general progress. This guidance therefore focusses on how the National Reading Tests could be used as an initial indicator that a learner might have SpLD and may require further support.

The Developing Supporting Strategies for SpLD provides a range of classroom approaches that can be used in order to make the on going process of learning more accessible. The support suggested exemplifies the range of activities that can be put in place in mainstream settings. This guidance explains that the expectations of the National Reading Tests are not unique to the tests alone but also relate to a number of reading or writing activities. However, the expectations are a useful starting point for teachers.

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