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Applying for the National Professional Qualification for Headship

The National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) assessment programme is specifically for practitioners who are aspiring to be headteachers.

Aspiring headteachers are practitioners who are intending to move into headship in the immediate future as their next career step and are able to meet the Leadership Standards.

Considering applying?

If you are considering applying for the NPQH then you will need to be familiar with the Leadership Standards. Before considering submitting an application, you must have completed an individual leadership review (ILR) of your practice against the Leadership Standards and have consulted with appropriate colleagues.

The NPQH assessment programme should not be seen as professional development for those not ready for headship. Applicants should only apply if they are committed to moving into headship in the immediate future.

The ILR should help to determine whether you are ready to submit yourself for selection or whether further development, or professional learning, is required before applying. If, after completing the ILR and discussing with colleagues, you believe that you are ready for headship, then you should arrange to attend a briefing session.

If you have previously been unsuccessful in gaining the NPQH you should have undertaken the further professional learning and development as identified in your feedback before applying again.  If you have not yet addressed the issues identified in your feedback you should delay submitting a new application until you have done so.

NPQH information briefings 2015-16

September 2015: National NPQH briefing sessions held regionally.

Applying for the NPQH

If you intend to apply for the NPQH then you should discuss this with your headteacher or, in the case of acting headteachers, your chair of governors and challenge adviser now.

The application process is administered by the regional consortia and further details about this will be announced soon on your consortium web site.

North Wales (external link)
Central South Wales (external link) 
South East Wales (external link)
South West & Mid Wales (external link)

For further information on the NPQH programme please contact your consortium:

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